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The office of the District Court Administrator was created in 1974 to reduce the burden of administrative duties on the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas.  The District Court Administrator is appointed by the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in conjunction with the State Court Administrator.    The District Court Administrator's Office has overall responsibility for the delivery of continuous and efficient court services and provides technical assistance and administrative support to the various departments of the Court.

     Other Court business that involves this office includes personnel, fiscal operations, budget, jury management, scheduling of court hearings, information systems, pre-trial services, public relations, and liaison functions with various groups and agencies. The Court Administration office is also responsible for updating the county's civil rules of Court.


     If you are searching for information regarding a case of public record, you can visit the Clerk of Court/Prothonotary's office and check the file or you can vicit the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System website and perform a free search there.


     If you are searching for information regarding a calendar of events for Tioga County, you can visit the calendar of events page on the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System website.  Once at this site, specify the "Event Dates" you want to search and specify "Tioga County" as the Judicial District.  


     As a courtesy to the public, Court Administration has a Self Help center which is located on the second floor of the Tioga County Courthouse in Court Administration.  Neither the staff in Court Administration, or in any Court office, will be able to help you fill out any of the forms or provide you with legal advice.  If you need help, please contact North Penn Legal Services.