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Mission Statement

The Tioga County Probation Department is established to provide the court and community an effective and efficient delivery of correctional services involving the supervision of both adult and juvenile offenders being especially concerned with public safety by using evidence-based activities designed to allow offenders to become productive members of society.

The Tioga County Probation Department, under the supervision of  President Judge George W. Wheeler, provides the residents of Tioga County with a variety of services including, Court Reporting Networking Evaluations, offender supervision and community protection, and electronic monitoring.  

Tioga County Probation Department also offers various forms of community service, allowing offenders to work off their fines and fees while developing skills that they can incorporate into a crime free lifestyle.

Community Service Projects:  click here

Department Goals

To provide a Balanced Approach of Community Protection, Offender Accountability for his or her behavior and the Development of Competencies to allow the offender to become a better person. 

  • To provide individual justice on individual cases. 
  • To provide services to enhance the integrity and credibility of the judiciary. 
  • To provide effective community supervision and surveillance for offenders under the jurisdiction of the probation department. 
  • To provide programming, either directly or through community resources, to assist offenders in achieving a crime-free lifestyle by using evidence-based principles. 
  • To provide the court with Pre-sentence or Pre-dispositional information which will allow for effective sentencing sanctions.