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General Information

The Tioga County Prison has a Zero-Tolerance Policy against Drugs and Contraband on the property.

I trust all visitors will support this department's commitment to making our department facility drug free.  This will ensure a safer environment for all inmates, staff and the public in Tioga County.

We expect our staff to treat all visitors in a respectful, professional manner.  We ask that all visitors extend the same courtesy to our staff.  Abusive language toward the staff will not be tolerated and may be grounds for denial of entry into the facility.

Parking on facility property is a privilege.  If you choose to park on grounds you are subject to a search of your vehicle.  Refusals to consent to a vehicle search will require that the vehicle be removed from the facility property.

All persons entering the institution are subject to a search.

The department reserves the right to deny entrance to the facility to any persons believed to be a threat to the safety, security, or good order of the correctional facility.

These guidelines are established to provide all visitors equal access and maintain the safe operation of the facility.

Regular visiting hours for inmates

Sunday:         9AM to 12PM & 2PM to 5PM &7PM to 9PM

Tuesday:        9AM to 12PM & 1PM to 4PM &7PM to 9PM

Thursday:       9AM to 12PM & 1PM to 4PM &7PM to 9PM


  • Each inmate is allowed one visit per visitation day up to 1/2 hour in length, and may visit two visitors together.
  • Each visitor must be on a pre-approved visitation list submitted by the inmate.
  • The inmate may update their visitation list once a month to a maximum of eight visitors.
  • The request to update the list must be presented 3 days prior to the first visitation day of the month.
  • All minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian with proof of ID.
  • Minors may visit any visitation day or time as long as they are properly supervised by there parent or legal guardian.
  • All visitors are required to register in the lobby and present photo identification which includes a valid address of residence. (Examples include a valid state driver's license, public assistance card, military ID, PA liquor control board card, passport or visa, or a PA state ID card).
  • Former residents are not permitted to visit other inmates at the prison unless they are immediate family of the inmate to be seen. (Spouse, children, parents, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, or one year has passed since release and the visitor is not on probation or parole).
  • Cameras, tape recorders, handbags, chewing gum are not permitted in the visitation area.
  • Please use good judgment and discretion in dress and behavior so as not to embarrass others in the visiting room.  Keep children under control.  Failure to do so may result in early termination of visitation.
  • Do not bring any kind of gift to the institution.  Monetary gifts may be deposited in the inmates account.
  • Food may not be taken into the institution.
  • Any visitor appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will not enter the institution.
  • All inmates are informed of changes that may occur in visiting regulations.  It is the responsibility of the inmate to inform his/her visitor of these changes.
  • Please remember that any violation of visiting regulations may result in the suspension of visitation.


Phone cards are available for inmates to purchase.  They are $20.00 each.


Tioga County Prison is located 1 mile east of Wellsboro on Shumway Hill Road, just off of Route 6.  Take the first road west of Weis Supermarket, go 1/4 mile up the hill and the prison is on the left.


Will be allowed to have contact visits during reasonable hours each day and evening.