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The Domestic Relations Section is a Court-appointed office of the Tioga County Court of Common Pleas. The office is responsible for preparing Complaints and Petitions for the establishment and enforcement of child support, spousal support and/or alimony pendente lite orders for the Court. Domestic Relations will also establish paternity when necessary, locate missing parents and resolve medical insurance and expense issues between separated parents.

Services are available to any “custodial parent” (the parent the child lives with) or any adult or agency caring for a minor child, or any married individual living apart from his/her spouse, who is requesting support from an absent parent or spouse.

Please be advised that the Domestic Relations Section does not handle custody or visitation issues between the parties. If you need the Court’s assistance in these matters, please contact your attorney or the Court Administrator’s Office at (570) 723-8380. 

For more detailed information on specific services offered by the Tioga County Domestic Relations Section, please follow the links below:

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